Saturday, November 13, 2010

Fimo tutorial part 2 - Cookies!

Here´s the tutorial for fimo-cookies. This time there´s more pics and less text, click the pics to make them bigger!

If you want to do cookies for nails, remember to make them tiny enough to fit on your nails, and if you have curved nails, you have to make sure that the cookie is shaped properly so it won´t stick out too much!

Like this :)
That´s it this time! Next in the fimo tutorials is... Bow! I´m going to Helsinki tomorrow, but I´ll do it as soon as I can. Ask if you have any questions about cookie-tutorial, and let me know if you have any wishes for the next tutorial! ^_^
PS. 61 followers already! Thank you so much everyone! I´m glad you find my blog interesting enough to read! <3


  1. That looks so cool!
    Do you use normal clay for it??

  2. They look good enough to eat :D

  3. Yaaayy So sweeet !!! Thanks again for this tutorial :D

  4. Love those cookies!! The most small ones are the best! What are you going to do in Helsinki? If you are going to the Blibbo shop, remember my birthday and Christmas are coming! I just love Blibbo stuff sooo much>ww<

  5. Yay! Sooo cute! I'm busy with other crafting at the moment but as soon as my time frees up a little bit I'll get out that clay!

  6. AnnKiins: I use fimo-clay, which is sort of modelling clay that hardens in oven. :)

    Joice: Yeah, aren´t they cute? ^^ I´d like to eat them! :D

    Taninhah: You´re welcome! :3

    Karzu: I was in Tsukicon with Irvikissa, and we didn´t have time to stop by Blippo. :/ Maybe I´ll find you something tomorrow, when we´re going again... ;)

    JQ: Thanks! :) I´m looking forward to see your craftigs! :D

  7. Oh, thank you banana<3<3 What colour of nailpolish you like?

  8. I love almost every colour when it comes to nail polish! ^^

  9. Ficaram lindas as suas unhas,amei seu blog e estou te seguindo!!!

  10. Great tutorial, the fimocookies looks adorable on your nails!

  11. Adriele: I don´t understand Portuguese (?), but thanks, I guess...? :'D
    Your blog looked very cute! :3

    Sylvia: Thank you! :D I´m glad it´s helpful. ^^

  12. I love these cute fimocookies! I would love to try to do these my self... Did you say you bought the clay from Helsinki? From where exactly? Thanks!:)

  13. You should try to do these cookies! They look so cute on nails. :3 I bought my fimo-clay from Sinelli. :)

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    Please link my site to your site.

    Thank you!

  15. I´m glad you like my blog! ^^
    Your blog looks very cute although I can´t read it :<
    But I´ll add it on my blog list~