Saturday, November 20, 2010

Tsukicon- nails and shopping

I know this post is really late, but anyway, here it is. I was in Tsukicon (it´s an japanese music and fashion related happening) and I had quite over the top nails there. Just look:

 Yeah, what can I say. My own nails are quite long, but 3 cm is too much for me! :'D I was quite lost with them, when I had to seek coins out of my wallet or take pictures or write text-message... That was almost too much to handle, but I took it like a man! >:''D I´d have wanted to apply them better, because they looked a bit messy... :< I had only half an hour time in the morning, so I was in hurry and hadn´t time to finish them properly. Btw, those are the nail tips I posted about earlier, some of you might remember. ;)
Then my shoppings from Tsukicon! I bought some nail stuff:

Pink pearls, black rhinestones and blings
Super blingy 3D rhinestone stickers for toe nails
Fimos! (not fimo-clay)
Now I can do a fruit salad -manicure!
 About those fimos, I find it very confusing to have fimo-CLAY and fimo-STICKs (or whatever they are), since they are two different things with quite similar name. :s I haven´t solved that problem yet, how should I call them so I wouldn´t mix them together? Oh this is hard. :'D


  1. The mani's so adorable, but really long, glad you took it like a man! xD
    Fimo flay fruit salad ftw 8)

  2. Hey, you would put some pics about my fruit nails(do you remember, you made them once) if you want to. Btw, why you didn´t put a pic of your costume?? I would love to see it<33<33Greetings from here, and good night!:3

  3. Wow this nails are just A-ma-zing !!!
    The portuguese bear in the other post is very cute too :D (i'm portuguese/swiss xD)
    I'll try to make this fimo clay choc's but i failed :'(

  4. AnnKiins': It was hard to wear those nails for the whole day, I couldn´t have handled them any longer! :'D

    Jatt-An: Eikö ;D Olin kyllä vähällä repii ne irti kun noi koristeet takertui joka paikkaan... >'D

    Karzu: I would, but I can´t find the pictures... They´ve gone lost to our computer I guess. :<

    Taninhah: Thank you! :D
    I loved almost every bear there, but I still think that the finnish one failed a bit... ^^'
    Keep on practising, my first fimo-clay chocolate failed too! ^^'

  5. Aaargh!! Did our computer eat them?! Horrible! Wait a minute, are you speaking about the costume or my nails?? Both are still HORRIBLE!! O_o

  6. Yeah, I meant the pic of your nails, I didn´t even take a picture of my outfit, since it was nothing special... :D

  7. Coool nails! I know that long would bother me so much but the effect is stellar! <3 Cute cute cute!

  8. Thanks! :D I loved them, but they are too long to wear more than one day, I think. :'D