Saturday, November 27, 2010

New Header !!!

Finally, my brand new header is ready! :D Yey! I like this one more than that previous one, because this is all made by me. ^^ There´s things that I like and mean something to me (+ they are pretty!). Here´s some close-ups:

Hello Kitty -watch my mom bought me :3 It´s quite blingy!
Pearl -necklace is a christmas present from my grandma. :)
Hello Kitty - hair clip I bought with my sister from Italy ^^
These I bought from Tsukicon~
I love this little box, and inside there´s some of my favorite nail polishes and jewellery.
I also changed my profile-pic to new one, because the previous one was quite old. ^^ So what do you think? :)


  1. This picture is really beautiful, you definitely are a talented photographer =).

  2. This your blog outfit is so pretty! :) And I love that header *w*

  3. Thanks! ^^ and welcome to follow! :3

  4. Ooh, new header, you should do one for me too when you come<33 Yeyy, that Hello Kitty hair clip<3 Are you gonna bring it here?

  5. I can try to do your header, altough it can be difficult without photoshop... :/ But we´ll see soon! ^^

  6. Great, we´ll see<3