Thursday, November 25, 2010

Off with their heads!

But I dont mean people here. ;) My nails went through a radical make-over... o_o Yeah, did you guess?

So short!

 I know that for some people even that lenght is long, but for me it´s short. :< I had a little accident on my index finger, so everyone had to go. But well, maybe it´s good to keep them short for a while.

      I also bought couple of new polishes while ago; I used Wet n´Wild - Pink sheen. I love it, it has lots of silver shimmer in it! ^^

We also visited at Helsinki with my media-class. We went to PISTE (period) which is an student visitation place arranged by Helsingin Sanomat (Finnish newspaper). There you can try out how is it like to be an journalist. It was very exciting! They gave us little notebads and cellphones, and then we walked around tiny-Helsinki they had built underground and wrote an article to newspaper. Not real one, of course, we were just experimenting. :D But it was cool!

Helsingin Sanomat - office building


  1. Uuu! So you were walking around the city? Cool! But I´m not sure if I can mix the colour, because that's called Colored Polymer Clay...I tried it, and it felt a bit gummy, you know? But I'll try, can you put the Fimo tutorial on candy cane soon?? I would be so pleased<33

  2. It was just a miniature version of real Helsinki... :D
    I´ll try to do that candy cane tutorial soon! :)