Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Fimo tutorial part 1 - Chocolate bar!

Finally, here it is! The fimo tutorial! And we are starting with... Chocolate bar! :9 White chocolate, technically, but chocolate any way. So here´s what we´re going for:

I´m sorry that for the lighting of these pics, I didn´t have sun light while taking these pictures. :(
( The colours of different chocolate bars are slightly different due to lighting, I´m sorry! Please don´t let it bother you.) You can click the pic to make it bigger! :)
 Okay. I hope the picture is helpful! Here´s more detailed instructions:

Step 1. White chocolate isn´t actually pure white, it´s little yellowish. So if you don´t have the right colour of fimo-clay, you have to do it yourself! Take a lump of white fimo-clay ( the size doesn´t matter, it depends on what size you want your chocolate bar to be. The one I made is about 1,5 cm x 2 cm.) and a smaller slice of yellow fimo-clay. Mix them thorough together to get the colour right. ( of course you can make milk- or dark chocolate also, I just made white chocolate!)

Step 2. Shape the piece of clay to form approximately a thick square plate.

Step 3. Share the square to form the pieces of chocolate. Use small knife and remember to make the edges oblique ( look at the picture). It makes the chocolate look more realistic than if you just "draw" couple of lines with a knife.

Step 4. Flatten the edges of chocolate bar. Press the edges with the flat of the knife, and remember to bevel the edges again (look at the picture)!

Step 5. Cut off the extra clay from the edges to make the shape fitted.

Step 6. If you want to, you can add some text on the chunks of your chocolate bar to make it more detailed. I wrote `MILK` with a pin.
Note: If you want to do earrings ( for example) you have to remember that fimo-clay hardens in oven, so you have to do all holes and stuff like that before baking! And if you´re going to use this chocolate as nail accessory, you have to make sure it´s right shaped and thin enough, otherwise it´s going to be really annoying to have a huge chunk of chocolate on your nail to stick on your hair and clothes...

And we´re ready! Now you have to "bake" your chocolate to make it harden. Put it in oven for 30 minutes and 110 degrees (celcius).

That´s it. I hope this was a useful tutorial, please tell me your opinion and let me know if I can do anything better for my next fimo-tutorial, which btw is going to be Cookies! And if you have questions about chocolate bar, tell me! ^_^


  1. Oh thanks :) This is very usefull =D

  2. thanks! SOme time I am going to haul out the clay and get going!

  3. You´re welcome! ^_^ You definitely have to do something of fimo-clay, it´s such a nice material to work with! :)

  4. In here it´s hard to look for that fimo-clay, so I can´t try...:( I came out of the Ecoventure trip! But I love that mini chocolate bar<3

  5. Yeah, I think that fimo-clay won´t be available in there, but maybe you can look for some other modelling clay? :) I´m glad you got home safely! ^^ Thanks~ <3

  6. Yeah, I'm gonna look it from that Daiso shop, there's everything from fake christmas trees to everything cute nail stuff and clothes and japanese stuff!<3<3Love that shop!! Thanks!^^ You welcome^^ (Greetings from here)

  7. I want to visit that shop too! :3

  8. jostain syystä mun hermot ei vaan kestä, koitin kertaalleen jotai väsätä ja totesin et oon toivoton tossa näpertämisessä... ^^'' pitäis jaksaa harjottaa vaan..! =D

  9. Eiii älä luovuta! D: mä haluun nähdä mitä sä väsäilet siellä, päivitä blogia! :D

  10. täytyy päivittää..! pitäis saaha henkiin toi toinenkin tuolta viimeistään vuodenvaihteessa! X)

  11. joo ai nii sulla oli toinenki blogi... ;D päivitystä! :DD