Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Today we went to Kiasma! :D It was actually quite interesting. Exhibitions were weird, but some how beautiful. Altough I think I didn´t understand all of them... Modern art can be very strange! I´ll show you some pics I took:
This was my favourite! Hundreds of ribbos which you can dive in. :D
Huge text on the wall, I wanted to reorder them to something fun... >:D
Many, many dolls! Heads had been taken off and mixed. Creepy!
Some movie, but what´s going on with the texts? :D
Magic dough, you know?
After Kiasma I went shopping with Black Cat! I wanted to go Sinelli for some Fimo modelling clay, but guess what else I found? :D
Rhinestones and pearls! I have so many ideas for these... Just wait, you´ll see! ;)
Fimo clay! :D
Okay, no nail art this time, but I was so inspired with those rhinestones that there will be another nail posting coming soon! :D Just wait for it.
Good night everyone, and welcome you new followers! <3

Monday, August 30, 2010


I think I have to admit that winter is coming.... D: I polished my toe nails today and wanted to take pictures outside, but Oh My Gosh how cold there was! Brrrrr. Now I´m just waiting for some snowing! :) Since it´s getting this cold, I expect snow. But maybe it´s a bit too early.... Okay, the pictures!
(sorry for my crappy toes... :'D)
I think toe nails look good with matte :)
Aaand some stripes! I´m zebra! :D
OPI ink SUEDE. I love OPI´s suede polishes!
Golden Rose nail ART 108
Look who´s here! She´s Niilo, our lovely cat!

 I love that matte purple/ golden stripes combination! Although now it´s a bit too late for toe pedicures since I can´t wear flip flops any more... :'D But maybe someone notices them at gym class! (hopeful :D)
Tomorrow to Helsinki with our art class and BlackCat to visit in Kiasma (museum of modern art). That´s going to be interesting!
Again, new followers! Welcome! :D Feel free to comment and enjoy reading my blog. Good night!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Guest nails :D

As the title says, these aren´t my nails... Can you guess who would that be? :)
Pink again, this time Diffi 25 (from Thailand <3) and sticker.
 Yes, that´s my sister! Did anyone get that right? I´ve also had that kind of manicure on my own nails once, I really like how it turned out. Three coats of Diffi, then that hand painted lace-kinda-thing on tips with NAIL STAR -polish (also from Thailand) and stick the sticker on. Voilá! I love those stickers, they are so thick and soft... :3
And hey, two more followers! Welcome! :D

My nails at the moment

I promised to show you some newer pics, so here we go:
Here are my nails three days ago! Nail polish: Golden Rose 91
But then I decided to cut them shorter.... :'D 

 So right now my nails are short and naked. :D Maybe I´ll keep them that short for a while now! Or what do you think, should I grow them again?

Saturday, August 28, 2010

New blog on the block!

Okay the very first post! Here's some veeery old pics of my nails, I'll put new ones when I get used to this whole blogging thing!
stickers....where it all started!
watermelons :9
everyone has to try watermarbling :)
I've even had a nail piercing... ^^'
minnie-mouse -nails feat. pockys! <3
it was supposed to be 80's :D
Okay, some newer pics are coming, I promise! Those really are old. Welcome to follow my blog! :D