Friday, December 30, 2011


Helloo! ^^
These are my nails three months ago... :'D I totally forgot to post these pics, I'm sorry! Anyways, This is my first Avon polish and I totally looove it. The quality is great and and the color is beautiful shimmery pink, just what I love! :)
I actually liked the color so much that I didn't even decorate these nails in any way... So it's just a swatch this time. But don't worry, post about my christmas nails and the new year is coming up! ;)

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Some more stripes

Before decorations

Helloo everyone! ^^
Classy zebra stripe design this time... :) I wanted something simple with basic colors, so this is what I came up with. I did these a while ago, when my nails were still long... I just recently shortened them and made the shape more round again. :P

So what do you think? :) Oh, this time I actually remembered to take a photo of polishes I used:

Golden Rose silver nail art polish and H&M Ocean Sand.
Btw, you may have noticed that I changed my blog's background recently... I loved the pink one, but it started to bug or something, it didn't cover the whole screen and stayed as just a tiny picture in the center of the page. :/ And since I am such a computer noob, I had no idea how to fix it so I just changed the whole thing. I like this new one also, but it just takes time to get used to it. :P What do you think, better? Or would you have preferred the old, pink one? :)

Saturday, December 10, 2011


Have I mentioned how much I love this polish? :D Two layers of Teenage Dream from Katy Perry collection. :) It's such a princess polish! xD I was going to do just something simple, but then I got bored and decided to add few pearls..

I don't have proper picture of finished nails, that's the best one. sorry for it's a bit shaky and colors are off. :P I thought the result was cute, but I got fed up with these quite quickly so I removed them.. :'D 

Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Hello lovelies! ^^
Mermaid nails this time! :D I used one of my favorite polishes, Halley's Comet by Orly. It's simply gorgeus! x) I dipped the tips in glitter and added few tear-shaped rhinestones on ring finger, and that's it! Simple, but I love the result! ^^

Merenneitokynnet tällä kertaa! ^^ Käytin Orlyn Halley's Cometia, aivan ihana lakka! x) Eli pari kerrosta värilakkaa, dippasin kärjet glitteriin kun lakka oli vielä kosteaa, ja lopuksi muutama strassi nimettömään. :) Yksinkertaista, mutta tykkään! ^^

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Think Pink ;)

Oh yes, October was breast cancer awareness month... And these are the nails I did then. :) Actually I only did pink nails in October, at least that's how I feel, looking back the pics now... :'D
I used the pale pink, shimmery Claire's polish as base, then sponged another pink Claire's polish on tips. I made the ribbon on ring finger first with white Kiss nail art polish, then I colored it with pale pink Nail Star -nail art polish leaving a bit of white on the edges. On other nails I did flowers and random dots with the same nail art polishes, white and pink. And finally on top of everything I glued few round rhinestones! ^_^
That's it this time! x

Lisää kuvateksti
Rintasyöpä-kuukausi (mikä se nyt virallisesti onkaan suomeks? :'D) oli ja meni, mutta tälläset kynnet tein silloin. :)
Ensin laitoin yhden kerroksen vaaleaa, shimmeristä Claire's lakkaa, ja kärkiin töpötin pinkkiä Claire's lakkaa. Nimetömän nauhan tein ensin valkoisella Kissin koristelulakalla, ja lisäsin keskelle vaaleanpunaista Nail Star koristelulakkaa. Reunat jätin valkoiseksi. Muihin kynsiin tein kukkia samoilla lakoilla ja lopuksi lisäsin vielä pyöreitä strasseja. :)

The ribbon came out a bit thick and there's few bubbles too... Otherwise I like the way it turned out :'D

Friday, November 18, 2011


Long time no see, and this time I have quite resent nail design to show you! :D Ok ok I made these few weeks ago but it's still recent compared to those I did in Finland. :'D
I used The One That Got Away from OPI Katy Perry collection, it's one of my favorite polishes! :D I did the golden ornament things with Golden Rose nail art polish. :)

ps. Thank you everyone for your sweet comments in the previous post, I really appreciate it! <3

Eli vähän uudemmat kynnet pitkästä aikaa, pohjana käytin OPIn Katy Perry kokoelmasta The One That Got Away, yksi mun lempparilakoista tällä hetkellä! :D Kultaiset kiemurat tein Golden Rosen koristelulakalla. :) 

Monday, November 7, 2011

I Love you people...

Hello everyone! ^^

You all know I've been super busy lately, and I haven't been writing that much here, I've just published pics and some basic information. Now I feel like writing some deep thoughts so here we go... :P
I'm living far from home right now, and even though I love everything here, Finland will always have special place in my heart, no matter how cold and crappy the weather is out there right now. ;) I don't really miss the place, I miss my people over there. ^^

My friends mean everything for me, I've known some of you my whole life and some of you 5 years or less (I know you guys are reading this <3), but time doesn't really matter. I have my new life here, and it's really amazing how awesome people I've met, but I could never forget any of you!

Right now I'm just enjoying my time here, because I know that one day I have to come back and then I will miss everyone from here. It really breaks my heart to know that there will always be people who are living far away from me and who I'm going to miss so much. I realized it the other day when I was chilling with my friends. Not many people stay here for a long time, people move back to their home-countries or some other countries and new people come here instead. This is a wonderful opportunity and experience, and I will never forget people I've met here or things I've done, but I just wish I could have all my homies in the same country at least... :') I never thought I would like this place so much, but in the end it's the people I love who matters. I'm going to come to Finland in February and I'm thrilled to see you again! x) It's been too long! <3

And all you my wonderful readers, thank you so much for your patience and sweet comments! <3 You guys are one of the reasons I'm writing this blog, so thank you for every single one of you! ^^
Haha this was very random post, thank you for everyone who read the whole thing... :'D I just wanted my people to know how much you really mean to me. You have made me a better person, cheered me up when I was feeling down and been patient and understanding even though I haven't always deserved that... x) You have always been there for me, and I hope you know I will always be there for you. <3

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Merry Midnight

Hellooo everyone! ^^
Another design from summer. :) I simply polished my nails with OPI Merry Midnight and then painted a heart on ring finger with Golden Rose nail art polish.

Such a pretty color! ^^

Taas vähän vanhemmat kynnet ja tällä kertaa vähän yksinkertaisempaa, nämä tein kesällä. :) Lakkasin kynnet OPIn Merry Midnightilla ja nimettömään tein sydämen Golden Rosen nail art lakalla.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Happy news (KarzU)

Hello everyone! Thanks to Kayono's comment (thanks!^^) I tried starting a blog with Guess what? I made it, yey!! o^^o~ I now have a blog, called Kiwi's Traveling (xD) and my new nickname is Polished Kiwi :P My blog is just 5 days old xD I hope the ones that used to follow my blog before will check it out and everyone else too<3 And it's easy to follow too:
Check out the right sidebar. There's a spot where it says Follow Blog Via Email. Then you just type in your email and click follow. Then you will receive an email and if I remember right it says activate....No, you are not activating a account, you're kinda proving that the email is actually working. Then you will receive an email every time I post something :) I'm looking forward to some comments, that's it, bye!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Black&Blue Zebra Stripes

Finally something more recent! :D This was the last design I did in Finland... Inspiration is straight from HERE. ^^ This was also before I cut my nails shorter again. :P

Before sequins... Somehow it looks a lot more simple without them. ::D

First I polished my nails with one layer of some old Claire's polish which number I can't remember... But it's a cute, sheer pink with some shimmer in it. :) Then I sponged this very old blue polish on the tips, the polish is sooo old, I got it for free with some magazine years ago but it's still working! :DD The name has faded away though. :/ I did black stripes to the tips with black Kiss nail art -polish, and added tiny blue sequins for some more details. :) I really like how these turned out! ^^
You already know what happened to my sister's blog, and I decided to let her post her nail things here as guest blogger until she works out how to create new blog. :) So that's what's coming up, besides my own nail designs of course! ^^

Vähän uudemmat kynnet tällä kertaa! :D Tein nämä juuri ennen kuin lähdin Suomesta ja leikkasin kynnet lyhemmiksi. :)
Pohjana on yksi kerros Claire'sin vaaleanpunaista lakkaa, en nyt muista sen numeroa mutta se on aika vanha, läpikuultava ja shimmerinen. :) Kärkiin töpöttelin vanhaa sinistä lakkaa jonka sain joskus vuosia sitten jonkun lehden mukana... Nimikin on kulunut jo pois. :'D Mutta toimii vielä ihan hyvin! Sitten tein kärkiin vielä mustia raitoja Kissin nail art lakalla ja lisäsin vielä minipaljetteja. ^^
Tiedätte varmaan jo mitä siskoni blogille tapahtui... :/ Päätin antaa hänen bloggailla välillä kynsijuttujaan tänne, siihen asti että saa perustettua uuden blogin. :)

Monday, October 17, 2011

Guest blogger - KarzU

This post is made by KarzU

Hi everybody! Some of the followers of this blog used to read My travel diary, KarzU's blog? The reason you can't even go into my blog anymore is that google deleted my account :'( Guess what it deleted too, without giving me any time to copy some things I wrote there? It deleted my blog. The reason for this is that I'm younger than 13 years old. Yep. I happen to know more than 5 different people who have a gmail and they're my age. I was talking to one of them on msn yesterday, and I asked if this happened to them. It didn't. I asked my other friend, and it didn't happen to her either. Well, I asked my sister if I can just write a post in here to tell some of my followers the reason they can't go to my blog anymore. One more thing, I had written 5 different posts ready to post there. One of them was 115 random things about me. It was a celebration post for my blog which had just turned 1! I just thought, I can post it tomorrow and you already know what happened. That's all, bye!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Gold & Bling

Haha I know I said I'll post something new this time but this is another design from summer. :D
This was quite a lot of work because I had to place every tiny sequin one at a time... :'D My original idea was to do all the nails as the ring finger, but I was too lazy... And I figured it might be too much. And then I only kept this on my nails for a day! :'DD Not that I didn't like them, I just had new inspiration... :D

I used H&M 'Gold' and sticked the sequins on when the polish was still wet. ^^

Pidin näitä lakkoja vain päivän, vaikka näiden tekemiseen meni aika paljon aikaa... :'D Käytin pohjana H&Mn Gold -lakkaa, ja tökin sitten nuo mini-paljetit yksitellen märkään lakkaan. Tykkäsin näistä kyllä, mutta sain uuden idean ja oli pakko vaihtaa. :DD

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


I really want to update more often but I simply don't have time.. :/ But anyways, here's another manicure I did in summer. ^^

Creative - Baroque (not sure if I remember it right, but anyways :'D)
Just love it, such a beautiful dark red! ^^

They don't sell my favorite nail glue anymore, and this new one is driving me crazy.... >_< I can't remember the name, but it was pink gel glue. This new one isn't gel-like as the old one, so it's more difficult to apply easily... I had nail glue all over my cuticles. :< I like the result though! ^^
I think I'll post some newer designs next time, I have loads of pics in my camera! ::D

Jälleen yhdet kynnet kesältä! Seuraavaksi julkaisen varmaan jotain vähän uudempaa, kamera on taas täynnä uusia kuvia... :'D
Näihin käytin kuitenkin melko vanhaa Creativen lakkaa, nimi oli muistaakseni Baroque. Blingejä liimasin vain nimettömään, koska vanha kynsiliimani loppui enkä tykkää uudesta... :< Tietääkö kukaan mistä saa niitä kynsiliimoja mitä Seppälässä myytiin ennen?? En muista nimeä, mutta pakkauksessa luki ainakin pink gel glue. :P Tämä uusi nimittäin leviää helposti pitkin kynsinauhoja... :'D

Sunday, September 18, 2011


Helloo everyone! <3 Our internet hasn't been working again... Otherwise I love being here, but seriously how hard can it be to make things work as they're supposed to?? :P Anyways, today they fixed it and hopefully it will last more than couple days this time.
This is another design I made during summer. Very basic, just flowers over sheer shimmer polish, but I loved it! ^^ I did the flowers with my white Kiss nail art polish, and added some silver in the leaves with Golden Rose nail art polish.

I also visited my friend who i hadn't seen literally in years!! :D It was so great to see her again, we had so much to talk about... I also did her nails:

Yeey aren't they cute? ^^
I'll try to update more often, because I have so many designs waiting to be posted here, and I've done lots of new designs and also bought some new gorgeus polishes... ;)

Jälleen yhdet kynnet jotka tein kesällä, aika perus kukkia mutta tykkäsin näistä kovasti! <3 Tein samantyyliset kynnet myös kaverilleni jota kävin moikkaamassa pitkästä aikaa! Oli kiva jutella, varsinkin kun ei oltu oikeesti nähty vuosiin! ^^
Yritän postailla tänne juttuja useammin, mulla on vieläkin monta julkaisematonta juttua kesältä ja täällä tapahtuu koko ajan lisää... :DD Toivottavasti tää netti nyt toimii tällä kertaa vähän kauemmin kuin pari päivää, se nimittäin korjattiin taas tänään kun ei ollut toiminut viikkoon... =_=