Sunday, January 15, 2012

Christmas & New Year's nails

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2012  to my beautiful readers! <3 These are the nails I made for new years celebrations. :)

I went to manicure at 25th and the polish was still flawless so I just decorated the nails. :)
I wanted them to look like fireworks... So I started off with silver and gold nail art polishes...
...and finished the nails with LOTS of glitter! :D
Writing with my left hand felt too challenging so I just put the 2012 on thumb. :P
It's amazing how fast last year went by, and how much happened to me! Luckily mostly good things. ;) I moved abroad and I have met so many amazing people I never even dreamed about. Last year was definitely unforgettable, and I wouldn't change a thing! I just hope that this year will be as good for everyone. x)

Polishes I used: H&M "Gold" and CND "VIP Status" to add some sparkle. :)
These were my christmas nails! I wanted something quite simple but christmasy, so I used colors that remind me of christmas, gold and red. :) I really liked the result, and I had these on for quite long, since even the rhinestone stayed on. :)
I hope you all had wonderful christmas and that everyone's year has started off nicely! ^^