Sunday, March 17, 2013

Be A Dahlia Won't You?

Hello everyone! ^^
This time I have another mani I made a while back, hence the square shaped nails. :)

Be A Dahlia Won't You is one of my favorite OPI polishes, such a beautiful and bright pink! I usually combine this polish with flowery decorations, and this time I used petal-shaped rhinestones on the ring-finger.

As almost all my favorite polishes, this one is really challenging to capture into photos... :P But I think I got the colour almost right in the first pic.
See ya'll soon! x

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Blue mani w/ Rhinestones

Hello everyone!
I had my nails done at Tips & Toes few weeks ago and just realized that I never posted them! I didn't actually take a photo of them straight after, but luckily the polish lasted for a couple weeks without chipping so I took pictures after I cut my nails round and decorated them with rhinestones:

See what I mean? These photos are taken after a week and the polish still looks flawless! That's why I love to have my nails done by a professional, somehow they just make the polish last longer. :D I also love the colour, unfortunately I forgot to check the name of the polish, but the brand is Tito.

Off the topic: has anyone else been having problems with their blogger account? I can't see my blog list after I sign in, and also blogger struggles to save my drafts... Which is why I had to write this post twice. :P Also some anonymous is spamming my blog with random comments. This is very annoying, since I get several comments a day, all about some random topics that don't even relate to my blog in any way, and some are even copy-pasted in different posts... seriously?? =_=
Anyway, hopefully I get rid of the problems soon, that's all this time! ^^

Monday, February 18, 2013

Caviar Nails x2

I finally got my own caviar manicure set! :D I know I'm so late with this trend, but better late than never right. I actually found myself a set of four different Ciaté mini-polishes and caviar pearls as a promotion during the Shopping Festival (I should actually do a post about that, I got so much cool new stuff... :D), altogether 195 dhs (roughly 40€) from Sephora. I don't know if I would've been able to find these cheaper online, but since I hate ordering stuff, I always try to find what I want from actual shops... If that even makes any sense. :'D So yeah, here they are:

the caviar polishes from left to right: fit for a queen, pom pom, knickerbockerglory and sand dune.

Aren't they adorable? :D Some close-ups:

hologram & candyshop
prom queen & jubilee

I actually decided to share these with my sister, since it was then four polishes each. I kept the polishes and the pearls which you can see in the photo above. :)
Here's my first caviar manicure:

I used knickerbockerglory polish and candyshop pearls.
I like. :) The little caviar pearls are so cute! I messed up my ring finger a bit with top coat, I know it's not necessary, but I figured it might keep the beads in place for longer. Well, maybe so, but it also took some colour away... Learnt my lesson there. I was expecting these to start coming off quite soon, but surprisingly they lasted for a week, only a few came off! Then I also did my sister's nails:

For her nails I used my pink Skinfood polish,  except on her left ring finger, in which I used the golden Ciaté polish, and the holographic caviar pearls. This was a bit of an experiment, just to see how the beads work on different polishes. I must say I like it on both polishes! :)

Love them! :D
Oh, one last thing: I finally joined Instagram! :'D Follow me for daily pics of things I like, my art & nail-art!

See you all soon x