Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Blue mani w/ Rhinestones

Hello everyone!
I had my nails done at Tips & Toes few weeks ago and just realized that I never posted them! I didn't actually take a photo of them straight after, but luckily the polish lasted for a couple weeks without chipping so I took pictures after I cut my nails round and decorated them with rhinestones:

See what I mean? These photos are taken after a week and the polish still looks flawless! That's why I love to have my nails done by a professional, somehow they just make the polish last longer. :D I also love the colour, unfortunately I forgot to check the name of the polish, but the brand is Tito.

Off the topic: has anyone else been having problems with their blogger account? I can't see my blog list after I sign in, and also blogger struggles to save my drafts... Which is why I had to write this post twice. :P Also some anonymous is spamming my blog with random comments. This is very annoying, since I get several comments a day, all about some random topics that don't even relate to my blog in any way, and some are even copy-pasted in different posts... seriously?? =_=
Anyway, hopefully I get rid of the problems soon, that's all this time! ^^

Monday, February 18, 2013

Caviar Nails x2

I finally got my own caviar manicure set! :D I know I'm so late with this trend, but better late than never right. I actually found myself a set of four different Ciaté mini-polishes and caviar pearls as a promotion during the Shopping Festival (I should actually do a post about that, I got so much cool new stuff... :D), altogether 195 dhs (roughly 40€) from Sephora. I don't know if I would've been able to find these cheaper online, but since I hate ordering stuff, I always try to find what I want from actual shops... If that even makes any sense. :'D So yeah, here they are:

the caviar polishes from left to right: fit for a queen, pom pom, knickerbockerglory and sand dune.

Aren't they adorable? :D Some close-ups:

hologram & candyshop
prom queen & jubilee

I actually decided to share these with my sister, since it was then four polishes each. I kept the polishes and the pearls which you can see in the photo above. :)
Here's my first caviar manicure:

I used knickerbockerglory polish and candyshop pearls.
I like. :) The little caviar pearls are so cute! I messed up my ring finger a bit with top coat, I know it's not necessary, but I figured it might keep the beads in place for longer. Well, maybe so, but it also took some colour away... Learnt my lesson there. I was expecting these to start coming off quite soon, but surprisingly they lasted for a week, only a few came off! Then I also did my sister's nails:

For her nails I used my pink Skinfood polish,  except on her left ring finger, in which I used the golden Ciaté polish, and the holographic caviar pearls. This was a bit of an experiment, just to see how the beads work on different polishes. I must say I like it on both polishes! :)

Love them! :D
Oh, one last thing: I finally joined Instagram! :'D Follow me for daily pics of things I like, my art & nail-art!

See you all soon x

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Nail polish-strip Tutorial

Happy Valentine's Day to all my lovely readers! <3
Unfortunately I couldn't make Valentine's nails for myself, since I have to keep my nails without nail polish for a while because of a piece I'm currently working on... (The background is a collage, and the glue that I'm using kept removing and messing my manicure, so I decided to wait until I finish it.) It's a shame though, I love Valentine's Day! I'll definitely do a late Valentine's mani later... ;D
Anyway, I do have another tutorial for you. OMG Nail Strips also sent me nail polish strips to try, and I was actually looking forward to try these more than the nail foils, because I got the idea that these would work better on curved nails. So I saved the best for last! I chose the Cheetah Nail Polish Strips, because I wanted something I couldn't create by stamping or polishing. Also I love animal prints on nails! Here's how they turned out:

I love them! Since nail polish strips are very easy to use, I wanted to do something extra...and then I maybe went a bit over the top. :'D Now for the tutorial:

1. Pick the size that fits on your nail the best.
2. Remove the clear plastic from the top of the nail strip.
3. Remove the paper from the bottom.

4. Place the nail strip on your nail so that the round edge is towards the cuticle. It doesn't matter if the nail strip is too long, you cut the extra off later.
5. Push the nail strip with your finger starting from the middle towards the edges. You can strecth the sticker to fit perfectly even on curved nails. Smooth out any bumps or wrinkles with your finger and remove the excess nail strip from the tip with nail scissors or file and smoothen the edge of the nail strip by pressing it firmly on the tip of your nail. Top coat isn't necessary, since the nail strip itself gives a shiny finish, but I thought that it would secure the edges from peeling off.

I'm actually in love with these now, I love the fact that these are stretchy and the end result is so smooth! Even though I eventually found a way to apply nail foils smoothly (my previous post), the nail polish strips are so much easier to apply, and even get a better result! Also, needless to say, that print is just gorgeus.
I wanted to save some of these for another manicure, so I only did two nails with full cheetah print and just the tips for the rest. You don't need base coat with these, so I just did the tips first and then applied base coat and Winmax Nail Sparks 87 on the rest of the nail, not polishing over the tip. Then I added a layer of top coat and sticked the micro pearls and rhinestones on the wet polish, and added one more top coat layer over the decorations to keep them at place. Despite all the 3D stuff poking out, these surprisingly lasted for over a week, until I decided to change them. :)

What do you think? Any experiences with nail polish strips, good or bad? :)