Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Blue mani w/ Rhinestones

Hello everyone!
I had my nails done at Tips & Toes few weeks ago and just realized that I never posted them! I didn't actually take a photo of them straight after, but luckily the polish lasted for a couple weeks without chipping so I took pictures after I cut my nails round and decorated them with rhinestones:

See what I mean? These photos are taken after a week and the polish still looks flawless! That's why I love to have my nails done by a professional, somehow they just make the polish last longer. :D I also love the colour, unfortunately I forgot to check the name of the polish, but the brand is Tito.

Off the topic: has anyone else been having problems with their blogger account? I can't see my blog list after I sign in, and also blogger struggles to save my drafts... Which is why I had to write this post twice. :P Also some anonymous is spamming my blog with random comments. This is very annoying, since I get several comments a day, all about some random topics that don't even relate to my blog in any way, and some are even copy-pasted in different posts... seriously?? =_=
Anyway, hopefully I get rid of the problems soon, that's all this time! ^^

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