Sunday, December 5, 2010

Lovely blog-award

Mirka from Red Cherry gave me this `One lovely blog´-award! Thank you very much, I appreciate it! ^^

Idea is to give this award forward to 15 other lovely blogs. I´m giving it forward to my favorite blogs, that I like to read. I´m sure many of them have already got this, but here we go, anyway (these aren´t in any order, and these aren´t all of them!):

My Material World
Jin Jin´s Adventures
some ROAR and STUFF
Frippery Digits
Diava´s Lacquer Box
Nail-art by Lacey
Pieni Kynsiblogi - A Tiny Nail Blog
My travel diary
Charming Nails
Let your nails shine
Fleur´s Nails & Stuff
Playing with the polish
Colouring my life

So there they are. Some of them are written in Finnish, but if you don´t speak the language then maybe google translator helps... ;)
I´m sorry, no nails this time! ^^'


  1. Thank you for the award! This is my first time receiving one too! ;)

  2. Thank you for tagging me! <3

  3. Aaargh, now it´s my turn >_<!! I guess I have to say couple of same, because I read some same blogs as you do, because they´re my friends...But I'll servive:9

  4. Awwwwww :):):) thank u soooo much hon thats very sweet of u :D:D