Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Tutorial: How to fix nail-damages with tea bag-paper?

I hit my middle finger straight to the wall while ago and it cracked, so I decided to do a tutorial about how to fix it. First I want to say that this is not any kind of professional way to fix nail damages, this is just something I do because I don't have the nail wraps that are officially used for this type of fixing... I guess they're called silk wraps, but I'm not sure. I use tea bag-paper instead. Yeah. It actually works! It's just takes a while to wait for the glue to dry... Anyway, here's my tutorial, I hope it's helpful!

Ugh, that looks bad... 
 Yup. I have no idea how it got that bad... :P But luckily it's easily fixed! Here's what you'll need: tea bag-paper, tweezers, wooden stick, nail glue, metallic file, glass file and buffer/smoother.

Cut a piece of tea bag that covers the damages.

Next put a drop of nail glue on your nail, on the damaged area.

Smudge the edges of the glue drop with your finger.
Smudging will make the filing easier later and makes the glue dry faster. Next put the piece of tea bag into the glue, on the damages. The tea bag should become transparent. Remember to make sure that all the damages are covered!

Wait for the glue to dry entirely. This may take a lot of time, it depends on glue and how much glue you have on the nail. You have to wait long enough, because next you have to file the nail and it will be difficult if the glue is still sticky... ;)
File the nail so that the surface becomes smooth. Use metallic file. You have to file on top of the tea bag and glue, but be careful that you won't file your the surface of your own nail!

Add another layer of tea bag. The piece doesn't have to be the same shape as the first one, actually it would be good if it was little smaller or bigger.
Put another drop of nail glue on the damaged area and poke the tea bag into glue. You can use wooden stick to make sure that the piece will be entirely covered in glue and that there won't be any air bubbles!

Wait again for the glue to dry entirely and file with the metallic file. Then smooth the nail surface with the buffer and after that buff the nail surface.

Add some more glue (just a little bit) and smudge it quickly on your nail with your finger. I use the glass file to file the edges. If there's any bumps remaining, smooth them out. And we're ready! ^^

Don't forget the lotion... 
I hope this tutorial was clear enough! ^^ What do you think, was it helpful? :)

Toivon että kuvat on sen verran selkeitä ettei noita ohjeita tarvitse kääntää, kommentoikaa jos jäi jotain kysymyksiä! :)

PS. I´m sorry that I´ve been updating little slowly lately, but I have a good reason... I´ve moved to the United Arab Emirates! :D My family has already been living here since last summer, and I'm very happy to be here at last! It's so warm and sunny... ^^I´ve already done some nails and shopping, so I have lots of stuff to blog about, so don't worry, I´m going to continue blogging normally! :)

PS. Viime aikoina olen päivitellyt aika hitaasti, mutta minulla on siihen hyvä syy... olen muuttanut Arabiemiraatteihin perheeni luokse! He ovat asuneet täällä jo viime kesästä lähtien, ja on tosi kiva viimeinkin olla täällä! ^^ Blogi ei kuitenkaan ole jäämässä tauolle tai mitään, minulla on jo uusia kynsiä ja shoppailuja esiteltävänä... ;)


  1. So cool!!
    Thank you!!
    I'll try this!

  2. That's exactly how I would have done it if I didn't have any wraps or resin. Very clear tutorial :-)

  3. Tosi hyvä tuto! Itsekin käytän teepussia, mutta tökin sen myös kynnenreunalta takapuolelle jotta sivuun jää vahvistus. En kyllä näin perusteellista kerrostamista ole kokeillutkaan sen tukemiseen, seuraavan kerran koitan :)

    Onnea uuden elämänvaiheen alkuun!

  4. What a great tutorial!! So funny that you use tea bag:D Yep, the proper thing is called Silk Wrap, but it's a thin mesh cloth anyway, I think you're really smart to use tea bags instead:)))

  5. I didn't know. I think I'll do that next time, cause I usually chop the nail instead of fixing and sometimes I have one or two shorter nails than the rest and looks funny... Thank you!

  6. Mä en ymmärrä mutta mulla tää ei ainakaan toimi. :( Kaikkea liimaa on kokeiltu, mut silti se aina lohkee eikä paikkaus pidä.. :(

  7. kyuoya: Isn't it? :D

    Doo: Kiitos! Kerrostaminen kannattaa.. ;) Voisin itsekin kokeilla tuota taittamista. :)

    Minnie: Thank you! :D Yeah, I've seen those silk wraps in some blogs, but I figured that tea bag paper actually works s well! ^^

    Honolulu: It's definitely worth trying!

    Anonyymi: Höh! :( En kyllä tiedä, ootko kokeillut niitä ''silk wrapejä''? Ehkä ne auttaisivat?

  8. This tutorial really helped me when repairing a badly broken nail, thank you!
    I have posted about it on my own blog and linked back to you, as you deserve all the credit!

  9. I'm so glad to hear that the tuto has been helpful! :D And thank you so much~! ^^

  10. Clever! I will try to remember this the next time I break a nail. Meanwhile...I've pinned it for safe keeping=)